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Strategic Business Consulting for Success in Safety Harbor, FL

business team in meetingAt Cola & Cola CPAs, we understand how much work goes into running a small business. Our skilled CPAs, Tony and Nick Cola, are here to assist you with practical business consulting. Whether you represent a brand-new start-up or an established company, we can help you make sense of your fiscal situation, set targets, and provide honest valuations, and more!

Our team has provided effective accounting and tax services to the residents of Safety Harbor, Oldsmar, Clearwater, and the surrounding communities since 1971. We love watching small businesses grow and find success and we enjoy dedicating time to understand your company's operating procedures fully. Contact our office in Safety Harbor, FL, today. We can't wait to work with you!

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How Can Consulting With Cola & Cola CPAs Help You?

We provide consulting to new and existing small businesses and we are passionate about supporting local companies. By developing an intimate understanding of how you perform in your unique field of work, we can confidently help you to set long-term goals. We can draw meaningful and actionable insights from your raw financial data.

We are continually searching for new ways to optimize your company's methods and find new avenues of sustainable growth. Cola & Cola CPAs is expertly prepared to help you with start-up needs, tax planning, and accounting services. By relying on our team's wealth of accounting experience, you receive valuable insights and efficient business strategies.

How We Assist New Businesses

accountants working with laptop and tabletIt's incredibly exciting to have an opportunity to start your dream business. It's vital to carefully strategize for success before launching your company so that you can hit the ground running. We can help you choose an entity that aligns with your objectives and financial goals. Your entity choice affects your cash flow and determines what you will pay in taxes. It is necessary to consider your options carefully before making your selection.

Having accounting software that reliably tracks your revenue and expenses is crucial. We help you find a system suitable for your needs and assist you in set-up. This allows you to monitor your business's status and your profit margin. Keeping your finances organized and accessible helps streamline your operations to save money.

Creating a Detailed Business Plan

Before formally opening the doors to your business, it's wise to draw up a detailed business plan to get you moving towards financial success. Our first step is to determine how much capital you genuinely need to launch your company. It's essential to know the cost of the technologies, materials, and supplies you'll need, along with your overhead surcharges. We help you identify sources of capital to meet your needs.

We can provide a monthly budget for you, considering your business necessities. Our business plan also supports your management, marketing, and financial strategies. When you use our business consulting services, we are dedicated to laying the groundwork for your future financial success.

Efficiently Addressing Your Consulting Needs

We are here to help your venture succeed by offering consulting in the following areas:

Tax planning: Effective tax planning helps you understand the implications of your financial decisions. Seemingly small choices, such as deciding between leasing work equipment or purchasing it outright, can have a massive impact on your annual taxes. Our team will highlight opportunities for you to legitimately save money on your taxes through investments, retirement options, and smart business strategies.

Retirement Planning: Understanding the retirement options available to you and your employees is part of managing your finances correctly. We can help you pick retirement plans that make sense based on your company's size, long-term goals, and professional values.

Problem-Solving: Should your company have an internal bookkeeper, we can clarify any issues they are facing. Whether your team is struggling to implement new accounting software or has run into tax problems, we are here to offer advice and guidance.

Networking Opportunities: We network on your behalf with financial planners and other professionals to provide aid beyond the scope of our accounting and tax services. Our team is continuously looking out for you and seeking new opportunities to support your organization.

Are You Looking to Purchase or Sell a Business?

business team discussing financial strategy in officeIf you're looking to buy or sell a business, you need an accurate idea of how much the company is worth. We know how much time, effort, and money go into building a business and seek to provide you a valuation that is fair, accurate, and defensible.

Our CPAs carefully and thoroughly research the business to create the most precise valuation possible. We explore the financial possibilities created by hiring, retaining, and firing current staff. We want you to be fully informed regarding your strategic position and the options available to you. If you're in the process of selling your business, we can strengthen your internal controls, and organize your records to make you a more appealing prospect.

Supporting Your Unique Business Needs in Safety Harbor

Cola & Cola CPAs is prepared to help you bring your company to the next level with our business consulting. Whether you've been open for decades or you are trying to find a way to start your dream enterprise, our CPAs have the experience and skill to assist you. Give our Safety Harbor, FL, office a call today so we can begin planning for your success!

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