Why Cola & Cola

Now that you have read a little about Cola & Cola, why choose us to handle your specific needs when there may be other providers of similar services?

We are not a typical CPA firm and are proud of the fact.  Cola & Cola began in 1991 and currently has a staff with decades of years of experience in what we do.

The Culture of our firm is very simple to understand and has been consistent since the firm's inception.  We are family owned, treat our loyal staff as family, and welcome our clients into our Family of Clients.  We treat all staff and all clients as family, and the owners of the firm know the importance of both staff and clients.  We take pride in our role of helping our clients grow and mature, especially our corporate clients, as their businesses mature.  Much like family members maturing.

The Mission Statement of our firm is also very simple to understand and has been consistent since the firm's inception.  To simply try and put a Mission Statement into words on a piece of paper is not very relevant or useful to someone needing results.   A Mission Statement should summarize a set of goals established by an organization.  A Mission Statement should summarize the moral compass of an organization, and its' overall work ethic.

Years ago Cola & Cola established a Mission Statement of, "We Are All About Service".

We still operate by that Mission Statement.  We understand what is meant by "Service", because we are consumers also and all we want is "Service" in the marketplace.

Speaking as the President and founder of Cola & Cola, I witness on a daily basis a loyal staff performing their everyday duties and responsibilities always geared towards providing the best "Service" we are able to provide.

The harmonious mix of Our Culture and Our Mission at Cola & Cola works and results in providing superior Service to all of our Family of Clients.

Finally, Tony, DeDe, and myself are simply proud of what we do.  We take pride in the way we interact with staff members, clients, and everyone we connect with with on a daily basis.  Proud of our family staff members, and proud of the fact our goal everyday is to deliver the best product we are able in order to satisfy a clients needs.

If our Culture and Mission align with what you expect, we encourage you to come in and visit with us.

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