Be Prepared Before You Leap!

So you are thinking of starting your own business due to being let go or you simply want to do your own thing.  There are many dangers as one begins the journey of starting a business.  If you have never owned your own business before you may want to come in and speak with Nick regarding what it takes to start a business, what entity type should be selected, what records are required, and what type of an exit strategy do you need when you are ready to leave, to just name a few.

Nick looks at owning your own business as jumping off of a cliff.  There are dangers all the way down and you had better be prepared for a soft landing.  There are tools and equipment to help insure a soft landing and you need to know if you posses the right tools and equipment before you leap.

Nick takes pride in helping many individuals make the decision to not start their own business, eventhough they came in with a strong desire to do their own thing.  It is much less painful to discover you are not prepared to own your own business before you jump, then to discover this fact after you jump.

If you are thinking of starting your own business call the office and come in and see us to discover whether or not you have the right stuff to go it alone.

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