More IRS Calls
We Will Now Be Making Twice As Many IRS Calls!

Breaking News:  On June 15, 2012 Tony Cola received official notice that he passed the final part of the Uniform CPA Exam.  We at Nick P. Cola, CPA, P.A. are all very proud of Tony.  Nick is especially excited because Tony will now be able to represent clients before the IRS.  Tony needs to complete three more courses in his Masters in Taxation MBA program, and he will then receive his CPA certificate.  The difficult part, of passing the entire exam, is behind Tony.  Tony will soon have his Masters in Taxation Degree, which will be a big addition to the firm as tax planning is a constant challenge to stay one step ahead of the constantly changing tax code.

Everyone in the firm recognized that Tony is a quick learner and "gets it" when it comes to complex accounting, tax, and tax planning issues.  Tony has worked hard in preparing for the exam and made a commitment to understanding how to apply his knowledge to the everyday challenges we encounter in providing services to our clients.

With some support from Nick, Tony will be heading up the tax research department of the firm.  In addition, Tony will be responsible for creating a comprehensive monitoring and verification system to insure the firm is both aware of the latest tax changes, and able to take advantage of any applicable tax saving opportunities.

We are currently planning to make Tony a partner in the firm and are looking into a name change to reflect the addition of a new partner.

Please join all of us in congratulating Tony on his major accomplishment and feel free to ask Tony to represent you before the IRS, should the need arise.

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